South Tampa Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting ServiceSouth Tampa Landscape Lighting can without a doubt provide a dramatic difference in your home or commercial property’s appearance. Central Land Care can give your home and Lawn a completed look with outdoor landscape lighting installation, maintenance and repair services.

One oftentimes overlooked aspect of landscape design is outdoor lighting.  Creating an evening experience is often much less involved than many people realize and the results will add yet another attractive aspect to your home landscape environment once the sun goes down. Using Landscape Lighting Service by us gets you to the heights of delight.

Landscape Lighting Service

At Central Land Care, we realize proper outdoor landscape  lighting not only adds an evening enhancement, but also brings safety and security to your home.  Strategically placed lighting is not solely a manner of “lighting things up.”  Instead, it’s the use of light to create a welcoming mood that could not be achieved to your home during the day. South Tampa landscape lighting is an art form in itself using strategically placed light sources.  Soft area illuminations, shadowing, back lighting, reflective effects, and the use of decorative fixtures will create a unique look to any night time experience. While enhancing the beauty of a project, outdoor landscape lighting will also bring additional security during the evening hours for both you and your guests.  Utilizing elements such as path lighting, step lights, area lighting, and even features such as motion controlled sensors provide peace of mind as well as elegance.

LED Landscape Lighting Options

Energy Efficient LED Landscape Lighting Options are available and can reduce outdoor lighting energy costs by as much as 30%. Upgrading to energy efficient LED lights is cost effective and reliable. Central Land Care can create an evening wonderland of beauty that is carefree, coupled with an artistic design that glows and allows South Tampa outdoor enjoyment all year round.
  • We can strategically place accent lights on featured trees and plants.
  • Creating silhouette with three dimensional depth using wall splash fixtures.
  • Provide stunning path lights for illuminating walks and pathways.
  • Accent terraced garden, hanging cylinder fixtures, water features and ponds.
  • Tree spots using up & down lights creating ambiance throughout the landscape.
From small, medium size properties …. to large estates Central Land Care can handle it all. LED Pathway Lighting LED technology can be incorporated into all of your standard outdoor lighting fixtures ranging from path lights to up spots,wall wash and accent spots. Make the change to energy efficient LED lamps lighting to boost bulb life and savings at the same time.

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