Central Land Care is here to help with the challenging climate here in South Tampa.  Our experts specialize in South Tampa Landscape Irrigation maintenance, repair, and installation. Your landscape is an investment and needs to be protected, we are here to help meet the challenge.

Irrigation Landscaping Tampa FL

Landscaping Irrigation needs cannot be underestimated as part of the process needed to maintain lawns in homes as well as commercial properties. Irrigation is only recommended for lawns that can be watered and are usually those that are naturally grown. There are various irrigation systems that are available in the South Tampa area that is used by various 

When using professional landscaping companies to irrigate lawns in commercial properties or homes it is essential that they use the proper irrigation systems. Central Land Care will provide the best guidance on which irrigation systems to use for the diverse lawns in South Tampa. 

Irrigation systems used by South Tampa landscaping companies include those that are used on lawns in commercial properties as well as those for residential landscaping. The most familiar irrigation systems set up by those involved in professional landscaping include:

Types of Irrigation Used in Landscaping

Garden hoses

This is the simplest of the South Tampa irrigation systems that can be used by a landscaper to make sure that a lawn is well watered. There are times when a garden hose can be attached to a sprinkler head that is appropriate so that area that can be irrigated is much wider and shortens the time that would have been used while using a hose.

Sprinkler systems

Sprinkler irrigation systems are commonly used by employees of professional landscaping companies in public areas such as golf courses, public parks as well commercial residential areas among others. The sprinkler system that can be installed underground by a South Tampa landscaping company such as Central Lawn Care.

Drip irrigation

drip irrigation systems are quite effective in the irrigation of large areas. The process through which the lawns are watered is by dripping the water on the roots of the plants in a slow manner. The other advantage that Central Land Care may see in encouraging the use of drip irrigation is that the water is used is not wasted.

Gear–driven sprinklers

for lawns or golf courses that are elaborate in size, this is the best type of irrigation system as they cover a large diameter. These sprinklers rotate because of the pressure produced while watering the area where they have been installed. The sprinkler type may differ and can be bought from the recommendation of Central Land Care with experience in various irrigation systems.


they come in the form of valves and are available in different styles such as pop up and are available through companies such as Central Land Care. They are quite effective in their irrigation capability as they can cover a wide area in terms of diameter as well as high as 360 degrees. For residential lawns, this is the best type of irrigation system that will ensure that they are well watered. Quick fixes, valve repairs, line breaks, automation, or new drip or PVC installation. We use only the highest-grade materials for maximum results that last.

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