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When you are looking for Sod repair and Sod installation you want someone who has the experience to help you get a lush and green lawn quickly. You may already know you need a new lawn or an area of your lawn replaced or maybe it’s brown and dry, or more weeds than grass.

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Residential Sod and Commercial Sod in Tampa FL Area

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Residential and commercial sod service mау be juѕt what уоu need tо give your lawn curb appeal. From proper sod removal, ground preparation, sod selection, and finally correctly laying down the new sod – we do it all.

We’re sodding experts. We know — sod looks pretty easy, right? Just roll out a fresh carpet of green grass and — boom — a brand new lawn. We make it look easy, but there’s a lot more to sod than meets the eye. Not every installer has the knowledge and experience to do it right, and keep it healthy.

When the work is completed, уоu wаnt tо be proud оf the beautifully landscaped garden. We make sure we put down the sod so it iѕ ѕеаmlеѕѕ. Thеn it wоn’t bе nоtiсеаblе whеrе the ѕоd wаѕ рut in frоm one piece to thе nеxt. Thаt is the lооk уоu wаnt ѕо that it appears very kind оf уоu inѕtеаd оf hарhаzаrdlу.

Yоu’ll еаѕilу find a residential or commercial ѕоd company thаt iѕ willing tо tаkе оn ѕuсh a tаѕk fоr уоu. It dоеѕn’t tаkе lоng to find ѕеvеrаl sod service companies in and around Tampa Florida that аrе invоlvеd in thiѕ tуре оf wоrk. We rеmоvе the guеѕѕ wоrk for уоu as wеll аѕ thе timе аnd рhуѕiсаl еffоrt. Thе соѕt iѕ very аffоrdаblе tоо, and уоu will find it iѕ well worth thе mоnеу уоu invest for a gorgeous lаwn.

Some sod installers might water it at night. That encourages disease. 

And maybe they don’t kill off the old grass before they remove it. That allows the old grass and weeds to creep back in and infiltrate your pristine new lawn. They might buy their sod from a supplier at a cheaper price — and substandard quality.  We do everything right, from sod removal to sod delivery and installation.

What Happens After Sod Installation?

We provide you with a full and detailed schedule to follow so your sod sets up correctly and gets properly established as soon as possible. If you don’t have an existing irrigation system we can help with that too.

It all starts with choosing just the right type of sod for your soil, irrigation, and light conditions.

That’s right — there’s more than one type of sod. St. Augustine, Captiva, Bitter Blue, Seville, Palmetto, Argentine Bahia, Celebration Bermuda. Don’t worry — we’ll walk you through the choices and help you settle on the best type for you.

We have the patience to kill off your current grass (good riddance, right?) and the tools and the muscle to remove it, creating a clean and level canvas for your healthy new lawn.

Once we install your healthy new sod, we’ll leave you with a detailed set of care instructions.

The real beauty of sod? It’s an instant perfect lawn.

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Go ahead. Run around on it in your bare feet. Shoes? Who needs shoes when you finally have a lush, green lawn the neighbors will envy? 

So you might ask – What’s the best sod for me?

You can’t go wrong if you choose from four top sod types. Why are they so great?

St. Augustine is perfectly adapted to Florida’s climate. It loves hot, humid weather. It isn’t picky, growing in a variety of soils and light conditions.

Zoysia is another Florida favorite. It’s green most of the year and recovers great from drought. It doesn’t grow too fast, resists weeds, stands up to wear, and adapts to a wide range of soil types.

Bahia is a low maintenance grass that is quickly becoming a favorite in the Tampa area.

Bermuda is a tried and true grass that you frequently see in the lush golf courses throughout the country.

Here’s a deeper look at the top four.

Classic St. Augustine

If your property is a mix of sun and shade — and many are — Classic St. Augustine is a great choice.

Wide blades. A beautiful, rich green color. Happy in direct sun or partial shade. Good disease and insect resistance.

It’s called “classic” for a reason.

Read more at the University of Florida Website


A homeowner favorite around here, Zoysia looks great and thrives in lots of different conditions, is thick enough to help choke out weeds, and is pretty tough. Plus, it’s fun to say.

Zoysia tolerates low mowing — as low as half an inch. So it’s good for homeowners who like to keep a short lawn.

It works in areas with full sun to partial shade and is one of the most drought-resistant types of sod.

Read more at the University of Florida Website


Many people who opt for a bahia grass lawn do so because of its relatively low maintenance needs. Because bahiagrass forms an extensive root system, it has better drought tolerance than other Florida lawngrasses. Bahia grass also needs fewer nutrients than other turfgrasses and has fewer problems with insect pests and diseases.

However, bahia grass doesn’t provide the same uniform cover that other grasses do, and some people find its tall seedheads unattractive.

Bahia grass can be established as sod or seed. Bahia grass can be established any time of year in much of Florida

Read more at the University of Florida Website


Bermuda grass produces a vigorous, medium-to-dark green, dense turf that is well adapted to most soils and climates found in Florida. Bermuda grass has excellent wear, drought, and salt tolerance and can withstand low temperatures by transitioning into dormancy. It establishes rapidly and can outcompete most weed species.

Bermuda grass cultivars commonly used in golf course and athletic field settings require higher levels of maintenance than other grasses typically used for home lawns. They have poor tolerance to many insect, disease, and nematode pests, which can limit their use.

Read more at the University of Florida Website

Choose from these four types of sod and know you have the best sod in Tampa Florida.

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