South Tampa Lawn Maintenance

Lawn care may seem like a thankless business sometimes. If you have one that’s perfectly manicured, it may seem like residents, visitors and office workers only take it for granted. However, it’s still smart to devote yourself to caring for your landscaping. Not only can it create a lasting first impression, but it also speaks to how much you value your property. South Tampa lawn maintenance may not be easy, but it’s definitely worth making the investment. Here are some tips for how to keep everything lush and beautiful in your own home or office.

South Tampa Lawn Maintenance Tips

Do Let It Grow Every type of grass has an ideal height, but the average person is likely to think that ideal is shorter than what it really is. When the grass grows longer, it forms deeper roots, meaning that it will be able to soak up the nutrients in needs. A taller blade also means a cooler lawn which saves it from being burnt up by the blazing sun. Don’t Wait Too Long to Cut It  You should never cut your grass more than a third of the way down, or else you risk removing crucial parts of the blade (like the crown.) So the rule is, if you have 3″ blades of grass, you can’t take more than 1″ off. For most property owners, it’s about once a week that the lawn will need to be mown for the best lawn care. Do Make Use of the Clippings  Clippings may not look pretty, but they’re an excellent way to spread nutrients around it, and it will mean using less fertilizer as well. Essentially, you’re saving money and doing less work at the same time. A concept we can all get behind in South Tampa lawn maintenance. Don’t Use the Wrong Treatments in Hot Weather  If it’s above 85 degrees, you’ll start seeing dead patches across your lawn when you use herbicides or other common weed killers. You’ll also want to cut out fertilizers with high nitrogen content, given that nitrogen will destroy your lawn when it gets too hot. For maintenance, use slow-release nitrogen fertilizers for best results. Do Make Use of Programmable Sprinkler Systems Not only do they go on and turn off exactly when you need them to, but they save you water and money based on the exact amount of water your grass needs. Use the scheduling functions to adjust the amount during rainy summer weeks or the cooler autumn season, so you’re not over watering. Don’t Use Pesticides  As much as you may think nature poses a threat to your well-crafted care, there’s really no good reason to have them. Most herbivores are really only going after your fruits and veggies anyway, so unless you have a sustainable garden, then it’s probably best to skip the insect killers. The chemicals from them will only kill the grass. Do Check Your pH Balance and Soil Makeup The soil content is really important for growing, and these tests determine what type of fertilizer will work best with your lawn so it can continue growing strong. Once you have the information, it can also help you determine when is best time of the year to seed and fertilizer. Don’t Aerate Your Lawn in the Summer  Letting the soil be exposed to the sun in high temperatures will only cause the grass to lose the moisture it needs to survive. Instead call for aeration during the fall for a healthier lawn. Do Make Use of Lighting Exterior lighting and motion sensors not only gives you and your family additional protection, but it also helps neighbors and visitors stay off the grass and makes it easier for people to clean up after their pets too. The less disturbances, the better in South Tampa Lawn Care. Once you understand the specifics of your lawn, it won’t seem like such a mystery to you to work out a maintenance schedule that keeps it looking fantastic all year round. It may even take less time overall because you can make it an efficient system with regular routine maintenance. However, even with knowing as much as possible, it’s still quite a commitment to keep up with its care. If you feel you don’t have the time or the motivation to do it, there’s Central Land Care to help make a beautiful lawn a reality instead of a dream. We can offer you professional advice and landscaping to give your property some panache with the help of a gorgeous lawn. Call us today for more information about our services.
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