The Value of Maintaining your Irrigation System

The routine Maintenance

If you are like most homeowners then you spend a fair amount of your time and also a good amount money on the upkeep of your home’s landscaping. Whether it is the maintenance of your lawn, planting flowers or an annual fertilization or aeration, your lawn is important and is the very first thing other people notice about your home. Most homeowners especially here in the northeast though tend to neglect the routine maintenance and upkeep of their sprinkler systems. Irrigation maintenance is very important on a number of levels in that a routine landscaping irrigation maintenance program can lower repair costs, reduce water consumption which can lower water bills

So, You can prevent the loss of your homes landscape due to over or under watering from routine South Tampa Landscaping.

Routinely check and adjust

Sprinkler systems need to be adjusted regularly because things change on your property regularly.  The weather, your plants (the variety, the density and the height) change, your hardscape changes (you may add a patio, move some potted plants or relocate that bird bath ), Construction (even some minor project can result in a cut wire or cracked pipe) and regular wear and tear (drive over a head with the car/mower or clogged nozzles) are all great reasons to routinely check and adjust your irrigation system.

The right plan can not only identify these issues but can also save you money in the long run, especially in terms of water consumption.

Maintenance Programs

Central Land Care offers a variety of comprehensive maintenance programs for both commercial properties as well as residential homes.  We recommend that the average homeowner have their system checked at least once per season.  Most residential systems do not need to be checked more than once every other month. Our basic checks include; setting the controller for current seasonal conditions, adjusting heads for optimum coverage, clearing clogged nozzles and reporting any damage so that it can be repaired as soon as possible.

Water consumption

Setting the controller often is very important, especially in terms of water consumption.  The run times that are set for the spring are not going to help you in the summer.  Understanding the unique water needs of your property and how to achieve a healthy landscape is important.  There are a lot of rules of thumb and old wives tales out there on how and when to water and it is something that is best left to a professional.

Problems with sprinkler systems

Changes also lead to a great many problems with sprinkler systems.  Odds are that the lay of the land when your system was installed is a lot different than it is today.  The height of the plants change, sometimes by double or triple. Bed sizes and shapes change, as do the types of plants that are planted inside of these beds.  It is important that your sprinkler system be considered whenever these kinds of changes are made. Sometimes these changes can be very simple to adapt to and sometimes they can be rather tricky.

The smallest things can make such a difference in terms of irrigation systems and how they relate to the health of your landscape.

Regular wear and tear

Regular wear and tear are also a big factor in terms of the success of your system. Running over a head with a mower, backing out of the driveway and running over the head that sits at the corner, clogged nozzles and freeze damage are all very common forms of routine system damage. These issues are not serious but not noticing these problems can turn them into bigger problems really fast.These issues can go unseen pretty easily since most systems run while the homeowners are asleep or away at work.

variety of ways from reducing water

A small leak or a missing nozzle can easily lead to hundreds of gallons of lost water every time the system runs. A problem like this can hurt you in your water bill and also hurt the landscape because while this leak is open it will often render the rest of that zone useless because there is not enough water to pressure the heads up due to the leak.

Most irrigation maintenance packages are very affordable and can help in a variety of ways from reducing water consumption to improving the health and overall appearance of your landscape.

The next time you look at your lawn and think about South Tampa Lawn maintenance and care, don’t forget the irrigation system.

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