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    South Tampa Lawn Maintenance & Landscaping

    Central Land Care is the premier South Tampa lawn maintenance and landscaping company. We strive to provide a 24/7 commitment to you with responsiveness and professionalism unmatched in South Tampa Lawn Care all around the area. Central Land Care provides a full range of landscaping services from simple lawn maintenance programs to complex irrigation and landscaping lighting designs.

    Let Central Land Care be your first and only stop for both residential and commercial landscaping services in the South Tampa area.

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    Lawn Maintenance

    Keep your yard looking impeccable all year long with our maintenance program, opt our programs and see the changes

    Landscape Lighting

    We specialize in landscape lighting that will illuminate your home with light that’s perfect for after dark entertaining or quiet evenings.

    Landscape Irrigation

    We have been installing state-of-the-art irrigation and sprinkler systems for years to ensure a lush green area  for each one of our customers.


    The aesthetics of your business are crucial; proper landscaping for your  commercial property can say so much about your company.

    South Tampa Lawn Maintenance

    Dos and Don’ts

    Having a well maintained lawn is important for homeowners and businesses. It put a first impression, If it’s overgrown, neglected, or poor, a negative opinion is formed before anyone ever steps foot in the front door. Here are some maintenance dos and don’ts, from family owned South Tampa lawn maintenance company, Central Land Care:

    Maintenance and Care Dos:

    • Mow your lawn every three inches. Allowing the grass to grow a little longer encourages deep roots which gives your lawn the nutrients it needs to look great. This is also important for keeping your lawn cool and protecting it from the sun.
    • Leave the clippings on the grass to recycle nutrients and cut down on the amount of fertilizer you need.
    • Use irrigation systems. Automatic sprinkler systems are programmable so that your lawn gets just the right amount of water it needs based on the time of year. You can even program it based on the amount of rainfall.
    • Have your soil content and pH checked every one to two years. These tests let you know what fertilizer you need to use so it gets the appropriate nutrition.
    • Use warm-season grasses that will thrive in the Tampa area. Some examples include bahia, bermuda, and zoysia. These grasses do best with seeding and fertilization in the spring and summer.
    • Install good landscape lighting. This keeps your property safe for people to walk at night, and keeps the property safe from crime.

    Maintenance and Care Don’ts:

    • Do not apply herbicides or weed killers if the temperature outside is higher than 85 degrees. Doing this will kill your lawn and cause unsightly brown spots.
    • Don’t remove more than 1/3 of your lawn’s height when mowing. For example, if your lawn is three inches tall, don’t remove more than one inch. If you cut more, you damage your lawn by removing vital parts like the crown.
    • Don’t use the wrong fertilizer at the wrong time. In areas with high temperatures, like the Tampa area, avoid fertilizers with high nitrogen content. Too much nitrogen can fry your lawn, especially when combined with high temperatures. Use fertilizer with low, slow release nitrogen.
    • Don’t use preventative pesticides. Unless you have a vegetable garden or an existing pest problem, pesticides are unnecessary. The chemicals will kill your grass.
    • Don’t aerate it in the summer when temperatures are high. Exposing the soil to heat will cause it to dry out faster, depriving the grass of much needed moisture. Wait until fall when temperatures are cooler to aerate.

    Lawn service Tampa

    Your lawn will flourish once you know how to properly care for it. Having a beautiful and lush green area will give guests a great first impression of your home. However, if you’re too busy to maintaining, the best option is to hire a professional to take care of it for you, Central Land Care is family owned. Our professional South Tampa landscaping expertise and knowledge will ensure that your lawn looks great.